How this works

Animals in shelters and rescues need supplies everyday.


No-kill policies are being adopted nationwide. This means more longer-stay animals in facilities that are already short on resources. We help increase resource donations from animal lovers to help rescue animals in their communities. They need our help.


Animal welfare organizations which want to increase donations of supplies register for free to have their wish lists included for free. If you think a group should be here, please ask them to add their wish list.


You probably have extra animal-related items you no longer use. Or, it may be that you want to help rescue animals but are not in a position adopt right now. This tool gives you a way to help homeless animals in your community by donating supplies they need right now. Since we localize search results, it makes it super easy to target giving nearby.


Search wish lists to see if any nearby animal welfare group needs any of the stuff you have too much of. Make a list and a plan to go drop off those items. There may be items you want to purchase for the group, just make sure you include a gift note. We encourage re-use, but mostly we want to make it easy to help animals, in whatever form that takes.


Tell the world. Snap a shot when you drop off and Tweet, Facebook or Instagram, tagged with #wishalizer or @wishalizerorg and we'll pick it up and share it, to keep building the community of giving to animals.

#wishalizer #igivetoanimals #adoptdontshop @wishalizerorg


For animal shelter, rescue and sanctuary groups

Create a group profile to add a wish list


Wishalizer is committed to helping animal shelter, rescue and sanctuary groups provide care for animals until they find forever homes by increasing in-kind donations of supplies needed in the care of animals.

How does it achieve its mission?

Wishalizer increases in-kind donations to animal shelter, rescue, and sanctuary groups nationwide with its suite of innovative technology tools that matches what people want to donate with wish list items for supplies needed. This information is geocoded so animal lovers can easily target needs specifically for their local area. This service is provided free to animal welfare organizations.

Who is it?

Wishalizer has no paid employees. This completely custom web application and its widgets were architected, developed and deployed by Wishalizer's founder, a patented software engineer and successful entrepreneur who loves animals. This is the way she found to help the most, by using technology as a force multiplier for good #tech4good.


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