FAQ for organizations

Wishalizer assists a wide variety of animal shelter, rescue and sanctuary organizations:

  • Animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries, private or public, with all types of animals, mixed-breed, pure-bred, furred, feathered or hooved
  • Wildlife and domestic animal rescues and sanctuaries
  • Service animal organizations
  • Therapy animal groups

If you help animals or help people with animals, we want to drive public support your way. We do ask that you be open with donors about your organization, whether it's 501c3 or something else.

Use our form to sign up. Add a wish list.

Yes. And we invite you to install it on your organization's Facebook page Get the Wishalizer Wish List Facebook Page App.. Note that Facebook does not show page apps on smartphones.

We try to be quick, but it may take a week or two. We'll contact you via email if we have problems indexing your wish list(s)

Facebook policy is that Page Apps are not supported on mobile devices. We look forward to the day they change this policy.

If your group has wish lists for in-kind donations either on your website or on Amazon.com, the Wishalizer web application will gather and index your needs into our curated search. Other than the group having a published wish list and making a request to add it to our search engine, there's no ongoing work, expense or data entry required by their volunteers or staff. Periodically, the Wishalizer bot with re-acquire and publish list updates from your organization's lists.

Yes. 23 states so far, with over 7,000 searchable wish list items, and adding new groups almost everyday.

Some groups do not publish a physical address, those with a post office box as a published address will not be shown on the map. Donors are instructed contact organizations directly via e-mail or telephone to make arrangements.

Wishalizer uses technology to its advantage to surface your organization's in-kind donation needs to anyone typing into their search, 'Where to donate stuff to an animal shelter' or similar searches. Up pops a map with all of the animal welfare organizations in that person's area which need that item. Boom! It makes it very easy for someone learn what you need and where to find you. Wishalizer brings new contacts from animal lovers in your community to your door bearing things your animals and staff need, and all you have to do is sign up.

For animal shelter, rescue and sanctuary groups

Create a group profile to add a wish list


Wishalizer is committed to helping animal shelter, rescue and sanctuary groups provide care for animals until they find forever homes by increasing in-kind donations of supplies needed in the care of animals.

How does it achieve its mission?

Wishalizer increases in-kind donations to animal shelter, rescue, and sanctuary groups nationwide with its suite of innovative technology tools that matches what people want to donate with wish list items for supplies needed. This information is geocoded so animal lovers can easily target needs specifically for their local area. This service is provided free to animal welfare organizations.

Who is it?

Wishalizer has no paid employees. This completely custom web application and its widgets were architected, developed and deployed by Wishalizer's founder, a patented software engineer and successful entrepreneur who loves animals. This is the way she found to help the most, by using technology as a force multiplier for good #tech4good.


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